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FULL DAY Wheelie School

Full Day:

PRICE: €389

When booking Full Day Wheelie School, you will get 7 riding sessions during the day.

The group consists of max 9 riders. 

SCHEDULE of the day:

NEW SHCEDULE OCtober_edited.jpg

Please read below for further clarity on the above schedule:

  • I only take on 9 Riders per Full Day session.

  • 9 riders will share 3 bikes so that I am giving my full attention to 3 riders on the bikes at all times on the course while the other 6 riders watch me instructing, the 3 lanes that the riders use will be parallel to each other so I can see everything and instruct / speak to the riders easily at any time.

  • First 3 riders will spend 10 minutes riding while the other 6 watch me instructing and after 10 minutes riding the second 3 riders will ride the bikes while the first 3 riders will rest and watch me instructing.

  • After 30 minutes of riding in each session the riders will have a short 5-10 minute Q & A session with Mattie Griffin, also this short break is very important to rest tired muscles and take in important instructions just before you get on the bikes again for your next riding session

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